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the story

About us

DeuxDesigns is a startup studio with a design-first approach, based in Prague. With our creative team and collaborators in design and marketing, we make ideas happen and turn them into market-ready ventures. Since 2021 we’ve joined HyggeSoftware Group as a design branch to bring our clients full spectrum services starting front-end, UI/UX design to development and marketing solutions. Started up with a couple of like-minded creatives, we now a team of more than 45 in-house professionals with offices in Prague, Belgrade, and Charkiv.

Our vision

We believe in the power of design, we trust the gut-feeling, we support innovation and open-mindedness, we target the future! Our inspiration is Humanity. Our vision is to bring true French elegance into the contemporary.

our inspiration is humanity

We have great practical knowledge in OOP, Design Patterns (MVP)
Knowledge of modern PHP, JavaScript, Python, C# libraries and tools, strong knowledge of programming patterns and algorithms.
We had clients from all over the world including: DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Nordic & Baltic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania), other EU countries, the US, Canada, Australia, the UAE, and South Africa. We can work during your business hours and participate in all meetings, calls. Our developers and managers will provide updates upon your request!

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our team is here

A team of diverse individuals from around the world, we’re all addicted to creativity. We feel compelled to create a better brand, art & social media campaign, advertisement, website, or next digital trend. Together, we can market the hell out of anything. Obsessive about the commercial realities, we lose more sleep over your projects than you do!