UI design trends for 2021

1. 3D Illustrations

3D imagery is staying with us as a number one —  it is being widely used across the whole design and in full-screen animations, as main key visuals.

Vector wallpaper background design with technology retro style and 3D illustration

2. Dark interface

One of the hottest UI trends for 2021 is a dark mode both for the desktop and for mobile. Its perks include:

  • ultra-modern look
  • allowing to highlight other design elements
  • it’s a great battery saver
  • it reduces eye strain in low-light conditions.

3. Photography and graphics combination

Another hot UI/UX design trend for 2021 is overlapping graphics onto the images. Such a mixing technique allows you to unleash creativity and implement fabulous designs.


4. UX Writing

One of the most critical mobile UX trends that will rule in 2021 is UX writing. Using clear, concise, and only critical words so that users can understand where you are trying to navigate them.


5. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants definitely become one of the hottest technology trends in 2021 for human-centered design tendencies.


6. Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions allows the users to interact with the UI UX interface for a particular moment. Examples of such features include minor animation effects or short videos. This approach is a perfect example of a human-centered design approach. It focuses primarily on users.


7. Aesthetic minimalism

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing, than a simple, minimal and readable UI. It’s about removing unnecessary notifications and pop-ups, reduction of information, implementing time-saving design features to provide maximum value and make the user-journey purposeful, and finally taking a focus on common user navigation patterns and context-specific features.


8. Unusual and futuristic color combinations

It all about bright and bold colors in web design. Colors that did not seem to mix well perfectly harmonize with each other and catch users’ eye due to their uniqueness. Especially, when users mostly visit minimalistic websites with a limited number of colors, bright combinations will definitely stick in the memory.


9. Bold fonts

Bold fonts are not innovative, but this trend gains momentum. The matter is that most users pay attention to the webpage heading first. For this reason, it is crucial attracting customers’ attention by using bold fonts for titles. This technique allows you to add more visual sense to the information you want to highlight, be it a separate category, subject, service, product.


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